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Add your local business, restaurant or accommodation to Trinidadco.com to get more exposure and traffic. First do a quick search in the correct category to make sure your business isn’t already listed. If it is all you need to do it Claim it on that page.


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Edit your personal profile and add your information and photo and your social media accounts. Change your password here too. Visit now!


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Has a local business really impressed you with their outstanding service and quality? Leave a raving review and let others know how much you appreciate them.


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Add an Event to Trinidadcp. Let everyone know about your upcoming event. It is free to add events so add your event today to our events calendar and let us help you promote it.


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Anytime you need help just reach out on the blue Chat button, or use the Contact Us page. Even better is if you contact us using Facebook Messenger. If we are not immediately available we will be back in touch just as quickly as we can. Please leave a detailed message with any issues you are having or the reason for your contact. Thanks.

Are You A Business Owner?

After you have registered the first thing you should do is “Add Your Business”.  Updating or adding  your Profile is NOT the same thing as Adding or Claiming your business. Search for your business first and if you find it you need to click the Claim This Listing link. After we approve your claim then you will be able to edit your info, add photos etc. If at anytime you need assistance just reach out and we will be happy to help you. We are excited to have you and your business on Trinidadco.com! Thanks!

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