A New Local Business Directory for Trinidad Colorado

A New Local Business Directory for Trinidad Colorado

It has long been my dream to create a local business directory for Trinidad Colorado. I have actually tried a number of times but the problem was always finding just the right theme and software that had all of the features that I felt was needed for a successful directory. Finally after much searching I have found a suitable solution and we have launched it on Trinidadco.com starting in February 2019.

We have pre-populated this directory with a number of free basic listings for local restaurants, hotels and businesses to get it started and will be adding more each month. We encourage all local business owners to add their business as well. There is a lot of power for local businesses to be included in a business directory dedicated specifically to Las Animas and Huerfano Counties as opposed to large national directories. You will get many benefits from having your business in our local directory.

A free listing, which is our Bronze Plan, never expires and this allows you to add your business name, address and phone along with some images and a description about your business. If you find that your business has already been added, and you should check first to make sure, all you need to do is “Claim it” and that will allow you to start adding your content.

You never have to pay to be in our directory for a basic listing but we do offer two other Listing Plans that will give you the opportunity to add more features to your business listing. Let’s explore what those other plans are.

The Silver Plan is an upgrade that allows you to add your website url, your email and social media links, more images and coupons. There is a huge SEO benefit from having your website link in a local directory as Google gives a lot of credit to backlinks from other authority sites especially sites in your same locality.  This is really a great plan to consider to boost your rankings and to get more exposure for your business. The Silver Plan runs $9.95 monthly and comes with the first 30 days free.

Our premium plan is the Gold Plan and this takes it to a new level. You get everything from the previous two plans plus now you can add videos and even more images and image gallery. One of the main benefits is that now you will NOT have promoted ads from other businesses or other ads on your business detail page that would distract from your business page. The Gold Plan is only $14.95 a month at launch and will give you premium exposure as these listing will also be presented above listings from other plans.

We will also have Promotional Ads that you can purchase to get even more exposure. Let us know if you are interested in learning more about our Promoted Ads.

Our goal is to get you more business in your door and we will be scheduling regular social media posts to highlight local businesses. If you have any questions about adding your business to the Trinidadco.com directory please let us know. Click the chat button in the bottom right and or contact us by email or FB messenger today!

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